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Importance of Micropore–Mesopore Interfaces in Carbon Dioxide Capture by Carbon-Based Materials

We found a solid carbonaceous materials for CO2 capturing


Mesoporous carbonaceous materials (Starbons®) derived from low-value/waste bio-resources separate CO2from CO2/N2mixtures. Compared to Norit activated charcoal (AC), Starbons® have much lower microporosities (8–32 % versus 73 %) yet adsorb up to 65 % more CO2. The presence of interconnected micropores and mesopores is responsible for the enhanced CO2adsorption. The Starbons® also showed three–four times higher selectivity for CO2adsorption rather than N2adsorption compared to AC.

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Published at Angewandte Chemie - International Edition Volume 55, Issue 32, 2016, Pages 9173-9177

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